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Changeorder Policy
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Our BOULDER SPRINGS VILLAS Homes have many luxuries and upgraded features included at no extra charge. To stay in budget, make sure colors and materials are selected in the "included" selections at the design center. There is no need to go over budgets provided. However, if you wish to customize and upgrade your home by purchasing upgrades, pre-selected options are available to be purchased by Change Order.

1: Changes are Expensive, Create Possible Mistakes and Cause Delays - therefore fees will be charged to cover any changes, and the time completing the home will be extended;

2: Color and Material Selection - is the time to identify and select upgrades from the features included in the base price and for requested upgrades. There will be no charge for items selected at that time, so long as they are on the pre-selected Options list;

3: After Selections are Made, a $100 Per Changed Item - will be charged for administrative documentation;

4: Cost Plus 15% - will also be added for expenses exceeding the allowances provided, or for changes requested other than those items on the pre-selected Options list. If something is already installed, it may not be changed;

5: No Changes Are Allowed After Sheet Rock - in order to keep the costs and schedule on track; therefore any alterations or changes should be documented as soon as possible and prior to the sheet rock stage of construction;

6: Conversion to a Custom Home - $5,000 Fee. - Some homeowners want their home to be completely personalized in every way. If many selections are requested, or selections other then those provided in our design center are desired, we can convert your home to a "Custom Home" enabling you to go to any supplier and show room for your selections, and have your tile countertops, splashes and floors personalized. Paint, appliances, cabinets, and other design features may also be personalized. Allowances included in the base price will be provided and a Cost plus 15% builder fee will be used for all expenditures over the allowances provided in the base price. This process takes a considerable amount of time to administer and construct; and the costs can rapidly add up; therefore care should be exercised so as to not go over budget or delay the process beyond resonable time constrains.

7: Funds shall be Paid - at the time of the Change Order to cover the cost of such changes in order for the builder to pay for and install the upgrades.

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