Boulder Springs Villas

Boulder Springs Villas -- A private. gated. community

Ten Steps To Buying A Home
in Boulder Springs Villas

Step 1: Choose a Model - There are eight custom designed models to choose from, each with unique features. Select the one that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

Step 2: Select a Lot - Make sure that the model you select fits on the lot you've chosen, and that the lot premium plus base price home is in your budget.

Step 3: Consider An Upgrade Package - You may wish to purchase a group of pre-selected upgrades in a package, thus receiving a package discount. Sorry, no substitutions.

Step 4: Document Purchase Agreement - With the assistance of one our sales representatives, the Purchase Agreement is signed and your down payment is made. You have now purchased a home to be constructed. If using a loan, proof of qualification is also required.

Step 5: Select Your Colors/Materials - In two meetings, you will select your paint colors, carpet, light fixtures, cabinets, faucets and tile from the pre-selected packages on display in the design center of Lot 1. Be careful to only select materials within the budgets provided so as to avoid any surprises.

Step 6: Document Extras and Changes - Some Buyers desire to purchase extras and options from our pre-selected Options List. These must be documented before they will be installed, and paid for at the time of request. To avoid administrative fees, it is best to document these changes at the time of color/material selection, and not after. (See Change Order Policy form).

Step 7: Down Payment Balance - Finally, any remaining down payment and change order fee must be paid so the house can begin and the home price can become fixed (prices are subject to change until then).

Step 8: Wait and Watch - Your home will now be financed and built by our fine contractor in the order the purchase agreements are signed. Make sure to address all questions and requests during construction to our sales representative rather than to the workmen on the site.

Step 9: Inspection & Closing - Upon substantial completion, we will meet and inspect the home with the builder, and address any question you may have. Then closing shall take place at the Title Company. If a loan is involved, you will also sign your loan documents. Upon recording and funding, you are now the owner of a beautiful Boulder Springs Villas home. Utilities need to be put in your name, and cable and telephone need to be hooked up, if desired. Home Owener Association Dues begin, and you will become a member of the Summit Athletic Club.

Step 10: Warranty - Upon Closing, your one year warranty begins, Every new home needs to have items identified that need attention. Within 30 days, your puchlist will be examined and warranty work begun. Congratulations on your wise decision to invest in the finest little community in St. George!

Boulder Springs Villas, a private gated community in St George, Utah. New Homes for Low Prices